Kidney Update #3

My son is still in the process of finding a kidney donor.  The current wait is for the donor to meet with an outside psychiatrist to determine if there are any external pressures or other causes for the altruistic donation.

While that is happening, we sent my son's rest results to a friend in the US.   He is a very well respected nephrologist and we are grateful for his time and interest.  He raised a concern that without knowing the cause of Asaf's kidney failure, a transplant might suffer the same fate.  He contacted a friend of his at Shaarei Tzekek hospital for a consultation.  Within 24 hours, we had an appointment to see their child nephrology department.

Yesterday was our appointment.  The doctor that we saw was very nice and helpful.  She took our history, looked at our existing test results and scheduled a number of tests on the spot.  Asaf spent the rest of the day taking tests, all of which were fast and painless.

So far, no results other than that his Creatinine level continues to slowly rise.

Wish us health


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