On the Sixth Night of Chanuka..

Chanukah is a time of family and gifts.  Our week has been busy with medical tests, a wedding, sheva brachot, and a short trip up north for some fun and relaxation.

Here is a tip for families with lots of boys.  Wednesday was stormy.  We needed to leave the house.  Our solution was to go to the beach.  Have you ever been on a beach when there are 20 foot waves and 40 mph (60kpm) winds.  The sound is impressive and so are the sights.  We spent an hour on the beach, watching the massive waves and enjoying the power of nature.  Then we had lunch!

This weekend, we will be hosting two young ladies.  No idea from where, but they called on Wednesday looking for a place to stay.   I'm sure they will be wonderful guests.

Tonight, we have our second annual yishuv family dinner.  My cousins and my family got together last year at this time for a pot-luck dinner.  Tonight, we'll do it again.  30+ people, all related somehow.

Tomorrow, we have invited a local family.  Together, lunch will be 20 people.   Yeah, a big happy meal.

Put Luck Dinner - + 30
Here are our contributions:
Pot Pie
Israeli Salad

Lunch - 20
Akiva's Crock Pot Chicken and Rice
Corned Beef
Green Salad
Spicy Coleslaw
Kohlrabi Salad


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