Almost a full house

Last week, we were short three sons.  This week, we gained one and had one go away for a Shabbat Yeshiva.  It is nice to have our oldest son with us.  We miss his presence.

In order to try and fill the house, we will be hosting five young women from Nevey in Jerusalem.  We hope that they will enjoy the weekend here and participate in our discussions and events.

Meal wise, we are having one meal at home and the other at a friends.  I feel somewhat bad, because we are 12 people, but our hosts for lunch are positive that it will work out.

In honor of my son being home, we have lots of beef related foods.  It all looks and smells wonderful.

Dinner - 12
Oriental Potato Soup
Beef in Wine sauce
Sautéed chicken and Artichoke hearts
Chicken Jeera (chicken with black pepper and cumin)
Mashed Potatoes
Roast Vegetables
Brussels Sprouts

Lunch - 12 + 8 + ??
Chicken Jambalaya with Turkey and Middle Eastern Kabobs


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