Just another winter weekend

Another winter Shabbat.  The wind has been blowing, but the temperature has been moderate.  A number of trees on the yishuv were blown over last night, and I had dreams about being carried away by a flood.  Pretty fun stuff.

This weekend, we have are hosting my parents and three ladies from Midreshet Meveserey Yerushalayim (MMY).  Dinner should be cozy with only 12 of us.  For lunch, my parents will be visited my cousin, but we will be entertaining a young family with three small boys.  That's going to be interesting.  We have tried hard to forget what its like to have little children around the house.

One of our guests tomorrow has Celiac, a disease the makes your violently allergic to gluten. Not much of a problem for me, since I am used to cooking for Atkins.  No starch what-so-ever.  Most of the lunch items are clean.  The meat roll is just plain wrong (but I made it for the kids).

Dinner - 12
Vegetable Turkey Soup
Sauted Chicken breasts (by my mom!)
Pargiot in a wine and garlic sauce
Green beans and garlic
Peas, onions and mushrooms

Lunch - 15
Mushrooms and Peppers
Cajun Chicken
Beef and Cabbage (Kol Dulce Kon Carne)
Meat Roll
Yellow Beans and Garlic


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