Lonely man's shabbat

My wife runs events.  She is not a caterer, but she handles all the setup, service and cleanup for events on our yishuv.  This weekend, she and her parter are double booked.  They are running two parallel events all weekend.  I am very proud of my wife and I try to stay out of her way when she is working.

What this means is that we have no guests for Shabbat, and that my wife and at least one son will be working during Shabbat meals.  One son is in the army, and another went to Jerusalem for a bar-mitzva.  That leaves very small crowd of 4.   Way too small for Shabbat.  I invited a friend over tonight with one of his sons, so we should have 6.  I'm not sure I can handle the silence.  Please come over and visit if you are around.

On the other hand, I can experiment with cool dishes that I would otherwise skip.  The credit for this meals goes to a book called "The Spicy Food Lovers Bible", by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach.  I made three dishes, and they all came our amazing.  Of course, I made WAY to much food, but perhaps we'll have late minute guests.  At worst, we will have leftovers.

Our small crowd was invited out for lunch, so its only Dinner, but it should be a fun dinner!

Dinner - 6
Molaga-tanni (Mulligatawny soup), parve without chicken.
Cincinnati five-way chili (served four ways, without the cheese)
Chicken Jeera
Rice (for the chicken)
Spaghetti noodles (for the chili)
Green salad


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