Pre-Army Weekend

I feel rather torn this weekend.   On the one hand, my oldest son is being inducted into the army next week.  Let me say first that I have absolutely no issues with his induction.  I am only disappointed that I never had the option of serving for my country.  As I heard from many holocaust survivors, having a child serve in the army makes up for our own lack of service.

What bothers me is that I am a strong believer in Military Secrets.  Loose lips sink ships.  Its very real and immediate to me.  I spend much of my time mining Internet data for academic goals.  It is amazing how many things you can tell from a large enough collection of blogs and new feeds.  Publishing information about the Israeli army seems to me to be giving information to the enemy.

On the other hand, I really want to share our experiences.  This blog is a wonderful way to get things off my chest.  My anonymous (and not so anonymous) readers are a good sounding board.

So, I'll just say that my oldest son is being inducted and we are proud that he is serving.  The whens, where and otherwise will be kept private.  I will post updates only if I feel that there is no military informational content. I guess I'm planning on being my own censor.  Wish me luck!

This Shabbat, we have guests from Raanana.  Our families have been in contact for many years in many locations.  They are interested in our community life.  As you can probably tell from my blog, I love it hear and I am totally in awe of my neighbors and their wonderful sense of community.

Tonight, both our family and our guests are eating out.  Our guests have other friends here and we finally accepted an invitation.   Tomorrow, we'll be on our own.

Lunch - 16
Tas Kabab - beef and rice casserole
Cajun Chicken
Spicy Pakistani Zucchini
Roast Vegetables
Green Salad


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