Eurekamp was fun

Last friday, I had the pleasure of attending Eurekamp.  That's Eureka Camp.  It was a gathering of "interesting" people, most of whom were involved in hi-tech.  I was rather surprised by the number of entrepreneurs in attendance.  International business was there also, with reps from IBM and Microsoft.

The main concept was to generate ideas.  Eurekamp is one of Yossi Vardi's projects.  The man continues to impress me with his commitment.  The market sucks and companies are failing right and left.  Venture Capital has dried up for new start-ups.  Yossi has also stopped his spray and pray approach, where he would invest $100,000 20 to 30 times a year for anyone who was "a good person" (by his definitions).  Yet, even with all of this, the Yossi still supports creativity and the general hi-tech community.

How many times have you had a chance to hang out with similar minded people, without an agenda.  We attended Eurekamp for the fun, for the chance to recharge our batteries and for the opportunity to meet new people.  I did all three.   People threw out ideas and no-one was allowed to be negative.  If it didn't sit well with you, then you just kept your mouth shut.

My biggest problem was that it was too short.   This is the second conference of this type that I have attended.  They usually fall on Friday which is good because its a free day.  But its bad because some of us have to leave before Shabbat.  I arrived at 8:45, but had to leave at 3pm.  I we had a whole day, I would have stayed until 11pm.   Maybe next time, we can schedule it for a longer day.

Many thanks to Yossi Vardi, and to Roostam Tiger (a real name and a very nice person) who did the majority of the organizing.


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