Just Family

We have a full house this weekend but no guests.  That is to say, all six of my boys are home and my parents are visiting with us.  We could not get our act in gear and hence we have no additional guests for meals.  Of course, tomorrow morning, we are hosting a big kiddush for Inbal Noy G. who was born early last shabbat morning.

No news on the kidney front.  The hospital told us that they will contact us once they hear anything.  Given that next Tuesday is election day, we may have a slight delay.  I hope to have good news to report towards the end of next week.

This shabbat, I can't make spicy foods.  They don't agree with my parents. Hence, its a heimishe shabbat.

Dinner - 10
Goulash Soup
Pargiot stew with wine
Beef and pepper stir fry
Green Salad

Lunch - 10
Gefilte Fish
Corned Beef
Meat Roll
Cucumber salad
Cabbage stir fry
Green Salad


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