Kidney updates

This is a short post.  There is no update.  We went before the National Transplant committee almost three weeks ago.  They promised an answer in two weeks and we still have not heard anything.

I'm a bit surprised.  There is no question that my son will need a transplant.  The only question is who is going to be the donor.  If the committee was going to say no, then they should have said it already.  One way or the other, we would need to start looking for another donor.  If they were going to ok that donor, then why delay?

I don't have any answer and I don't expect to ever receive one.  My hope is that there is no health impact from the delay.  So far, things are stable and seems to be no problem with a short delay.  Time will tell.


john said…
hang on there. i hope everything goes well for you.

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