Missing Weekend

So I missed friday last week.  As a result, I didn't get a chance to cook.  bummer.

The good news is that my family is perfectly capable of cooking very good food.  Ok, its not as complicated as I would make, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Since we knew I would be away, my wife organized the kids and a menu.

To make matters more interesting, seven (7) girls from Los Angeles called up on Sunday and asked to stay for Shabbat.  How could we say no?  All seven of the girls attended a Beis Yaacov high school in L.A. and were now spread across a number of different schools in Jerusalem.  One young lady was only visiting Israel, but she was definitely part of the group.

My wife likes to eat meat, but she is willing to eat dairy meals.  I'm sort of a purist.  I like to cook meat.  My dairy repertoire is pretty weak, mostly because I never practice.  So this weekend, we had grill for dinner and dairy for lunch.  I can handle it as a change of pace, but I'm not ready to do this every weekend.

The weekend was a smashing success.  I'm sure everyone ate well and had a good time!

Shabbat Parshat Yitro
Dinner - 14
Chicken Vegetable soup with noodles
Grilled meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs, sausages)
Roasted Tomatoes
Brussels Sprouts
Stir fried cabbage

Lunch - 16
Baked Salmon
Lasagna Casserole (with an without Zucchini)
Stir Fried Peppers and Garlic
Green Salad
Israeli Salad
Ice cream and Strawberries (for dessert)


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