Peace Plans

I just saw this headline:  "EU Worried over Bibi's peace plans".  The article continues a theme that has been played out over and over again during our last election and over the past few years.  To whit:  The Right is Opposed to Peace, or The Right is Against the Peace Plan.

First, what sane person is against peace?  Everyone (and I mean Everyone) wants to live without fear of war, death or terrorism aimed at their selves, their family or their friends.  Peace is the absence of war.  So why would anyone be against peace?

Secondly, the real issue is peace at what cost?  I'm sure my readers remember this old saw:  A man asks a woman if she will sleep with him for 10 million dollars.  She thinks about it and says yes.  Then the man asks if she will sleep with him for 20 dollars.  Of course not, says the woman.  What do you think I am, a prostitute?  Miss, says the man.  We already determined that, now we are just discussing the price.

Israel has given and given and given again.  What has the other side given?  When our two soldiers in Lebanon were ransomed for hundreds of prisoners and murderers, we set a price.  Hamas wants us to pay the same price for Gilad Shalit, and I'm not at all sure that he is any more alive then Regev and Goldwasser.  But, we set the price.

Those living in Palestine have tried to set their price, but they have never given anything in return.  The first and second intifada, the takeover by Hamas, the war in gaza. These are the goods received in payment for withdrawing from land, reducing police and army presence, and supplying the PA with weapons for law enforcement.

The "Right" is saying that the current "peace plan" or "pricing agreement" is unacceptable.  They ask their opposition to negotiate.  That means to compromise.  So far, I can't recall a single compromise from the PA or from Hamas.   Until they negotiate their price, there is no reason for the Israeli side to give out freebies.  Prostitutes would soon leave the business if they gave out without payment in return.

Stop saying that Bibi is against peace.  He is for peace.  We all want peace.  Just give us something to prove that it will be a true, lasting peace and not just a stepping stone to our destruction.


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