The countdown begins (good news)

This week we received excellent news. The most wonderful person who is donating their kidney to my son has passed all the tests. We scheduled the actual transplant for the week after Pesach. There are still a few re-tests that need to be completed, but it looks like the countdown has begun.

Everyone is now excited and nervous. It is one thing to talk about the transplant and another thing completely to actually doing the surgery.

It is probably a good thing that we are totally buried with work and the upcoming holiday. We don't have a minute to rest and think about what is actually going on.

There is no way that I can express our gratitude to Asaf's donor. I'm reaching out to you, my readers, for suggestions. We expect to be able to tell you the donor's identity at some point, but for now its "The donor!"

May we all have a healthy holiday and a good year.
Elliot and Leiah


SuperRaizy said…
SO happy for you!
We will be praying for the good health of all involved.
As for how to thank the donor- I think that calling him up to recite the sheva brachot under Asaf's chupa in a few years will be an honor that he will appreciate. (and if the donor is a woman, well, earrings are always nice! ( :
Melissa said…
My suggestion would be to make a donation to a charity in the donor's name. Maybe to a kidney foundation.

Baruch Hashem on your news.

Ari said…
All of the extended Jaffe family is so very happy for you. Though we do not know your donor, I am sure that a life well lived with generosity of spirit and kindness to others, as you all display on a daily basis, will be the greatest gift to them.

We wish you all the best, and wonderful Chag of joy and freedom.

Talia said…
How about dedicated scholarships for Ner Tamid?

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