Frustrating end-of-the-week, Sunshine on the horizon

This has been a hard week. I have a big review for a University project next week, and the whole team has been focusing on meeting our deliverables. With the pressure comes recriminations and conflict. Its natural, but not particularly helpful.

After a very painful day on Thursday, I attended a local event that was billed as a Purim Shpiel. I was looking forward to a light evening of entertainment in the spirit of Purim. Unfortunately, I must have missed the description of the event, because it was actually a cantorial event. First, I have little patience for the cantorial style. I really enjoy singing, but I don't like the overblown extravagance that seems to be part and parcel of these events. To make matters worse, the presentation included movies and pictures of Hasidic rabbis and their followers. Now this was a national religious event, and these images did not represent our views or our community.

Imagine yourself in a fraternity of the 1960s. You invite the local negro band to play that black music. To me, that is offensive.

Anyhow, back to the real world. I'm over it and moving on. Our project review is going to be fine and I left the event before I was too distraught. This weekend, we have lots of guests and that always makes me feel better. In addition, we are having Summer a month early. Its in the high 70's and absolutely beautiful outside. We need the rain, but the sun is sure nice!

We have four girls from seminaries for the weekend. This evening, we are hosting one of our close friends (4 people) for dinner. Tomorrow, we are honored to be hosting our relatives from the community and my uncles. I hope its not too overwhelming for our guests.

If you recall, I made kimchi two weeks back. A friend who lived in Korea told me that you take the old kimchi, add some beef and make it into a soup. Tonight, we will serve Kimchi soup. It takes very nice, but has a serious bite. Since I don't expect too many takes, I also made a standard chicken soup.

Dinner - 15
Kimchi soup
Chicken vegetable soup
Shabbat Chicken
Tofu Stir Fry (brought by a guest)
Garlic Chicken Meatballs
Green beans and Garlic
White Rice

Lunch - 18-21 (depending on who shows up)
Corned Beef
Turkey Pot Pie
Grilled Chicken (brought by a guest)
Beef Borekas (brought by a guest)
Tas Kebab
Green Salad (brought by a guest)
Cabbage Stir Fry
Cauliflower and Peppers


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