Paris Alone

I'm in Paris on an academic trip. The bad news it that I need to be here for Shabbat. The good news is that I finally found the correct neighborhood in which to stay. The traditional jewish tourist neighborhood is mainly old mizrachi (algerian and tunisian). Its very close to the tourist sites. The problem is that its not a particularly nice neighborhood and that all the food is mizrachi. If you like honey in your pastries, then go there.

This trip, I am staying in the 17th Arrondissement. Its much more of a white collar place and the restaurants reflect that focus. Its a bit far from the touristy things, but the metro is everywhere and easy to use. Here is a map I made of the kosher locations.

On Wednesday night, I ate at a fancy at a french restaurant called Brasserie Belvedere, 109 Avenue de Villiers. I tried to order saurkraut in wine, but the waiter suggests that it was a "special" dish that I would not like. Instead, I had salmon and then chicken and noodles. The food was ok, but not worth the 42 Euro bill. Here are a few pictures.

I have no guests this weekend. From what I hear, my family is busy and will be eating small(er) meals alone. Drop me a line if you are in Paris. I expect to be on my way back home on Sunday morning.


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