Kidney update #6

Its been a long week on the kidney transplant front. As I previously reported, the donor had some additional tests to complete. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that everything looks fine, but we still need a specialist to sign off on it. That is going to take another few days.

The bad news is that we are now struggling with a timing issue. The donor travels each year and cannot change their plans. After the transplant, the doctors recommend that the donor stick around for at least 4 weeks to make sure that everything is stable. Now most people here travel for the summer and as we can tell from the heat and sun outside, it is fast approaching.

We have been "negotiating" with the hospital to do the surgery as soon as possible. They originally has us scheduled for the 25th of May, which was "too late". In a surprising turn of events, we have been told that they have an earlier date for us, but that we should not tell anyone for fear of an evil eye! (I love this country).

Hopefully, everything will come together next week and the transplant will be soon after. For now, we are just sitting on pins and needles.

For those in the medical know, my son's creatinine levels went up this week to 7. They were pretty stable at 6.2-6.4. This is not a good sign, and signifies that we will have to do something within the next month or two regardless of whether the transplant happens then or not.

As my mother says: You just keep moving on, because there really is no other option.


SuperRaizy said…
Praying that all goes well (and quickly!)

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