Kidney update #7

The most wonderful special person who is donating their kidney to my son has finally passed all the tests. We have a date during the second week of May.

The amount of logistics is impressive. In Israel, the law requires the recipient's HMO to pay for all the transplant costs. In practice, it means we need to get their signature on a number of forms. no big deal except that the forms need to be for a specific date and have to be approved by a reviewing doctor at the HMO. It's all fine, but it takes a few more visits to the HMO's offices.

We also need to start planning our work and personal lives around the transplant. Our community has pitched in and will be covering carpools, meals and just about anything else we or the donor's family will need. I love our community!

My son's name is Asaf Dror ben Leiah Shulamit. The donor would prefer if we not give our their name in a public forum.

Here's hoping the process is smooth,
Elliot and Leiah


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