Regular Shabbat (with guests!)

Thank god the holidays are over and we can get back to some sort of regularity (take that as you will). The seminary students are back in Israel and looking for places to stay for Shabbat. This Shabbat, we have three young ladies staying with us, two boys for dinner and two different boys for Seudat Shlishit. For lunch, we are going out! The girls already had a place for lunch.

From a food perspective, I'm trying out a few new things this weekend. I roasted chickens in a drip pan. I put carrots and garlic in the bottom of the pan and they roasted in the chicken drippings. Very rich and tasty!

My son suggested that we recycle the chicken drippings (full of shmaltz and other good stuff), so we used them to make rice. I usually saute rice in oil before adding water. This time, I used the fat from the dripping for the saute and then added everything else along with the water. It sure looks good, but I bet its rather oily (and tasty!).

I also made an oriental soup with left-over veggies. We had a number of kohlrabi, carrots, celery and a few zucchini. I used a mandolin to slice it up into match-sticks. Then I added garlic, dark sesame oil, chicken stock and soy sauce. Heat just to boiling and turn off. It looks wonderful and smells great! Let's see how much is left.

I also made sloppy joe's. The recipe is at the end. Its real simple and a very nice way to use ground meat!

Shabbat Shalom,

Dinner - 12
Oriental Vegetable Soup
Roast Chicken
Sloppy Joe's
Roast Carrots and Garlic
Rice (very chicken-y)
Fresh Salad
Cookies for Dessert

Sloppy Joe's
3 lb. ground beef (or mixture with chicken, turkey,etc.)
3 cups chopped bell peppers (green, red, yellow)
3 cups chopped onions
3 cups ketchup
3 Tbsp brown sugar
3 Tbsp Vinegar
6 Tbsp Prepared Mustard
1 tsp. ground cloves
salt and pepper

Brown the beef and vegetables. Add the other ingredients and simmer for about 30 minutes. Makes enough for 12 servings!


Melissa said…

Thank you for your kind words. They are very much appreciated.

I am out of the loop with blogging. I hope your son is well. I will have to catch up on my reading.

Dov said…
So, how was the rice, and the vegetables? Greasy? Tasty?
Elliot Jaffe said…
The rice came out surprisingly well, rich, but not oily. All told, the food was a big hit.

Roasting vegetables in the drippings is a nice touch, but they MUST be served hot. Once they cool, the dripping congeal and most people don't like it.
Talia said…
I'm listed to make the sloppy joes for you guys in the near future...
Are the cloves a must? What buns do you guys like?
Elliot Jaffe said…
No need to use cloves. Garlic is a must since everything is better with garlic!

Thank you,
Anonymous said…
What amusing topic
Anonymous said…
Yes cannot be!

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