Asaf is home!

Just 7 days after his transplant surgery, Asaf was released from the hospital and is now at home. Our first task upon entering the house was to organize his medications. The nurse told us that Asaf is very lucky to have so few medications. So far, its 7 different types of meds, comprising 16 pills taken two times a day. Not bad.

Asaf is in good shape. Creatinine is 1.1 and steady!

We are pleased and relieved to have him back. Now we need to travel to the hospital every few days for checkups and blood tests. After a month, the visits will taper off.

Come and visit if you like. Asaf can have visitors, but we will probably try not to have more than 2 at a time.

Thanks God and the donor,
Elliot and Leiah


Dov said…
Amazing amazing amazing! May he continue to have a refuah shleima!
Yehudah Livneh said…
Mazal tov! That is great news. May he continue to improve.

Yehudah Livneh
Steve said…
Baruch Hashem - May he continue on the path of a refua shleima! We look forward to seeing him around the Yishuv.
Steve and Meryl and the Jacobs family.
bracha said…
So so so so happy to hear the good news and see the pictures. Like condensed time - each picture looks healthier & happier than the last. Assaf has been in our thoughts & prayers 24/7 for a while now...

WONDERFUL to be able to read the blog and get (almost) real-time updates. We'll be in touch.

The Raanana Jaffes
S said…
MAZAL TOV - Great news.

Steven & Shoshana Arnold

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