Pre-op Shabbat

It is with gratitude to God and the person who is donating a kidney that we enter this shabbat. On Sunday, we enter the hospital and the transplant operations for my son Asaf will occur on Monday. The tension is palpable, but we are in good spirits. Asaf has been helping around the house today, getting ready for Shabbat. It is eerie how healthy he looks. If you didn't have his blood tests, you would think him just another skinny 18 year old high school senior.

We have closed Casa Jaffe for sleep over guests. For some reason, we got about 10 calls this week from different groups of people looking for a place to stay for Shabbat. We had to turn them away. Sometimes, we need to take care of ourselves first.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. My Chavruta (learning partner) had surgery this week. I spend an afternoon with him at the hospital (different from the transplant hospital). His family will be eating dinner with us tonight. In addition, our very good friends Caryn and Steve are preparing for their daughters wedding in 10 days. Caryn just returned from a trip to the states, so they will be eating with us also. All told, 9 guests for dinner. Tomorrow, we eat out.

I will post at least once again before the transplant and probably within 24 hours after the fact. Its now three days and counting (TX -3).

Dinner - 16
Oriental Kohlrabi Soup
Vegetarian Soup
Roast Chicken bottoms
Chicken Jeera (cumin and black pepper)
Shabbat Chicken
Brussels Sprouts
Stir fried snow peas and carrots
Kimchi (its ready!!)


Dov said…
Thinking of you for the past while, counting down... BE'H everything will go quickly and as easily as possible... Refuah Shleima all around!

Please re-post his full Hebrew name.

Also, please post your Kimchi recipe!
SuperRaizy said…
Much hatzlacha!We will be praying for Asaf.

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