transplant +4 days

It is just before shabbat and I only just got back home from the hospital.

Asaf's recovery continues to be spectacular. His creatinine is now down to 1.38. The removed is drainage tube today and will probably remove the other connections tomorrow or Sunday. Asaf was in very good spirits today.

For the past 9 months, Asaf has been on a diet that cut out chocolate and coca-cola. Today, he was told that he can have anything he wants, but that he should hold off on carbonated drinks for a little while. My wife (who is of course wonderful) left a package of reeses peanut butter cups. Wow did Asaf's eyes light up when he found out that he could eat them. The pleasure in his face as he tasted chocolate again brought tears to my eyes!

With thanks to Hashem and the donor,
Elliot and Leiah


Reva said…
Elliot your spirit and focus amaze me!!! Sending our love. fyi, Without prodding, Gabriel lained last week in school in the merit for Asaf and the donor's refuah shelamah. I cherish how connected our kids feel. Be sure to give Leiah a hug from me every so often, wish I could do it in person.

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