Transplant Day #7

Asaf continues to improve. Yesterday, they removed the last of this ports and drains. He's a free man. Mentally, he has been is very good spirits for the past few days. Seeing improvements in his physical state, probably accounts for most of the positive outlook.

Yesterday, they moved him from his private room to a shared room. We take this as a sign that he is close to being released and that the major physical challenges are past. There is a chance that they will release him today!

Asaf walked around the hospital yesterday and have a double burger with fried for dinner. He has been missing beef and potatoes for some time since they are contradicted for patients with kidney failure. Attached are three pictures from the hospital. The first is when he ate chocolate on day 4. The second is after he had all his ports removed. The third is when he ate his hamburger! The smiles say it all.

We look forward to having Asaf back home,
Elliot and Leiah


SuperRaizy said…
Ahhh. Meat and potatoes make life worth living. So glad that Asaf is doing so well and is able to enjoy the little things again.
Methinks that a post entitled "Preparing Asaf's Favorite Foods For Shabbat" is not far off, no?

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