Transplant Update Day 18

Everything is on track. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. Sunday night, we went to a wedding and I was feeling pretty good. Sort of like the worst was over and we could start to relax. For the first time in months, I had a good positive attitude and outlook. It was nice to meet people and say hello without feeling like there was a cloud waiting to rain on my parade.

Monday Asaf took another bagrut, this time in Mathematics. The proctor came to the house and the test went pretty smoothly. All was well.

Tuesday Asaf had a checkup at the hospital. They gave us a major scare. His creatinine had gone up (no number were disclosed) and we would have to go back the next day for more tests and an ultrasound. Not knowing any better, I assumed the worst. Asaf had a bad day, because he needed an infusion and the doctor had trouble putting a port in his hand. It bled all over and Asaf became understandably overwrought.

Wednesday, Asaf went back and the prognosis was not so bad. It seems that one of the anti-reject drugs (Prograf) is not good for the kidney in large doses. His blood tests came back with a higher than expected level of prograf, so the doctors simply took new blood tests and then lowered his dosage. No ultrasound, no concern about rejection! Good news. Asaf will go back next week for another test to see if indeed that was the problem.

Other transplant patients have told us that the first months are rocky. There is always the fear of rejection, but at the same time, the medications have side effects. Managing these issues takes time and patience.

I hope I can stay positive through this experience. So far, its ok. I wish Asaf's doctors would just tell us that its going to be ok. Oh well, welcome to the ride!

Have a happy Shavuot,
Elliot and Leiah


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