TX: 11 days and counting

Our lives revolve around the upcoming transplant, but they don't stop. We try to maintain a normal live style. At least what passes for normal at our house. This weekend, we have 4 guests staying with us, my son is on leave from the army and we have a family eating over for lunch. Nothing unusual at the Jaffe household.

As far as menus, I went for spicy at dinner and slightly blander at lunch. I'm tired of making chicken soup with vegetables, so tonight, we are having roast cauliflower curry soup. Add in Cajun Chicken and vegetables and the meal is going to be hot!

Lunch is simpler. Corned beef for the army brat and shnitzel for the picky eaters. Cold cuts rounds out the meal.

Dinner - 11
Cajun Chicken
Chicken Balls
Braised Chicken and Garlic
Cajun Vegetables
Cucumber Salad

Lunch - 19
Corned Beef
Cold Cuts
Spicy Cabbage Salad
Israeli Salad
Cucumber Salad


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