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The transplant was on Monday afternoon. As I write this, its Wednesday afternoon. Call it 48 hours since my son received his new kidney. My wife and I are taking shifts at the hospital. She had the first night, I had the second. Tonight is her turn again. I just got back from the hospital and that's why there have been no posts. There is no Internet in the transplant ward.

Medically, my Asaf is doing VERY well (as is the donor). When we went in, Asaf's creatinine level was about 6.4 mg/dL (GFR: 12). It means that his kidney was pretty much not doing anything. Today, we got the latest results. His new creatinine is 2.03 mg/dL (GFR: 46). That's better than my own and almost in the normal range (0.9 - 1.2 mg/dL). Each day its getting better and better.

What this means is that his new kidney is working! He is able to eat a normal meal and is no longer on a restricted diet for kidney disease. This is great news!

Our next hurdle is to make sure that his body does not reject the new kidney. Asaf is receiving lots of rather interesting medications that lower his body's immune response. Particularly at this early time, the medication levels are very high. They also have interesting side effects. So far, Asaf is very hungry and he is suffering from mild panic attacks. Both normal reactions.

Because of his reduced immunological status, Asaf is not supposed to have too many visitors. A number of family friends did show up today and they were able to peek in to say hello. I realized today after 24 hours in the hospital that sometimes, the caretakers need visitors also. It was very nice to get a short break and to unload on my sister. She had wonderful suggestions about how to cope with the trauma of caring for a sick child.

I will probably not post again until Friday afternoon, so don't wait up. No news is good news.

With thanks to God and the donor,
Elliot and Leiah


Talia said…
Wonderful news! Thank you so much for keeping us posted!

Hope both patients will be back to their normal lives ASAP!
freideleebs said…
Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov - Ki L'Olam Chasdo!
Sarah Smile said…
Elliot and Leiah,
Your update touched me in a very personal way - it was only 4 months ago that I was watching over Dov in the hospital for 2 weeks as he fought a crazy, random infection in his throat. It was a traumatic time more for me than for him. PLease know you are being thought of and supported, even by those who are not family or close friends...
Are tefillot are with you!
Sarah Beth Solomont
saul_kravitz said…
Just started to read you blog (based on a referall from Caryn Gale)...really enjoy your postings. So thankful that Asaf and donor are doing well!
The Zivans said…
We are so glad to hear that Asaf and the donor are doing well. We continue to pray for a full recovery for both.

Karen & Bruce

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