I'm pleased as a peach to be able to announce the engagement of my oldest son Rafi to Avital. The couple has managed to observe the first of the our wedding rules: "Get married when you are an age that begins with a 2". They will both be over 20 at the wedding!

Avital and Rafi have known each other since her family moved next door 15 years ago. Both families have since moved, but we still live only one block away. As our families have grown and matured over the years, so too has our relationship grown. We look forward to this marriage cementing the bonds that we have nurtured. (Can you believe that language! I feel like a preacher!)

We are very proud and excited to welcome a female into our very male oriented family.
Elliot and Leiah


Mazal Tov!!!

"so too" has TWO "o"s
Elliot Jaffe said…
Thanks for the catch rivkA. My spelling has always been somewhat weak.

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