The summer begins

The holidays are over, the students are leaving or gone, and its doggone hot out there! I am not a summer person. I appreciate the beautiful sunlight, but I prefer the temperature around 24 (75F) and cloudy. Oh well, given the weather in Israel, I will see that climate around October.

Our army son is back for the weekend. We are so happy to see him. The last time he got out was to spend Shabbat with my second son in the hospital. The army has been very reasonable, but its still got its own rules and schedules. We are no longer my son's first priority, and that is as it should be.

On the kidney front, Asaf continues to improve. His creatinine value was 1.33 yesterday! Much better than last time. The doctors continue to adjust his levels of Prograf. So far so good...

We have no guests this weekend! What a disaster! We will just have to make do and try not to fall asleep during meals.

Dinner - 10
Oriental Potato Soup (no kolrabi! Asaf is better!!!)
Beef Burgundy
Gnocchi noodles (half shells)
Garlic green beans
Beets (my wife is making them on a whim)

Lunch - 7
Lunch meat
Pargiot with zucchini and banana peppers (smells wonderful!)


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