Another working weekend

Amongst my wife's many skills are wedding planner and event coordinator. We occasionally pay the price for these skills on Shabbat when there is a happening on our community and they ask my wife to run the event. My wife's partner in this enterprise is her best friend C.

Sometimes, the events are big enough that they both need to pitch in. This weekend, I will be eating meals by myself. C's family will eat with us tonight. I'm the token adult at these weekends, since most of the people eating are my children or their friends.

In addition to the regular shabbat events of meals, strategy games and bridge, we also host a kiddush after the early morning minyan. The minyan starts at 6:45am and finishes no later than 8:30am. We take the long walk (100 meters) from the shul to our house, and have kiddush for 30 of our closest friends. This weekend, the kiddush is sponsored by the K. family in honor of their daughters bat-mitzva.

So, I tried a new soup concept this week. I had lots of celery left over from the party. Whenever I have made soup from celery, it comes out stringy and tough. This time, I shredded the celery in a food processor, sauted it with onions and then simmered it with garlic and ginger. Once it was "done", I strained it. The resulting liquid is a beautiful light green color and has none of the uncomfortable texture. I will serve it with soup nuts so that it has some body.

Dinner - 14 people, but only two adults, C's husband and me!
Celery Soup
Beef stew with wine
Prepared Shnitzel
Stir fried Chicken and vegetables
Stir fried vegetables
Pita and Zatar chips

Lunch - 6 + ? ( we never know who is going to show up)
Grilled meat
Chicken Jeera (cumin chicken)
Kobanos (dried sausages)
Mashed potatoes
Green Salad


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