This past weeks wedding events

My son was engaged on Monday evening. The tradition here in Israel is to have an engagement party for the new couple. Given the timing constraints, we had it on Tuesday evening. My wife is wonderful. She completely transformed our front room and outside garden into a summer wonderland. Pixy lights, Tiki torches and lots of casual seating. Ok, so we took most of our furniture and moved it to another room. We had about 300 guests, with the usual cross-section of society; community people, my sons mechina friends, his army friends and his fiancee's friends from midrasha and from sherut leumi. One of the guests came over towards the end and told me that while he had been to many engagement parties, this one was very well done. I must agree, it was really special.

The couple was very anxious, but looked happy. Her father gave a wonderful speech, asking each of them in turn if indeed, their partner was "the one!". Of course, they both said yes.

At the engagement party, we saw one of our good friends who was preparing for his own wedding. Last night (thursday) we attending his wedding. The bridge and groom looked wonderful, if a bit on the young side (they are both 20). The wedding was a standard Israeli affair, 500+ guests. The groom is serving in the army, and so friends from his unit attended as well as his friends from yeshiva. Having so many young men is great, but they monopolize the dance floor. Us older men just cannot keep up.

We were very happy to see the new young couple married and ready to being their life together. We look forward to walking my son down that aisle in the not so distant future.


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