Paris - Sept 09

I just got back from a university trip to Paris, France. I find Paris to be an easy city for a foreigner to navigate. The metro system is simple and goes everywhere in the city for 1.6 Euro.

I had a disappointing hotel experience this trip. I registered online using They have great last minute prices. The hotel I wanted was called the Glasgow. It is near a bunch of kosher eateries and is a nice three star hotel. Of course, I arrived in Paris, went to meetings, finished late and went to check in. About ten minutes from the hotel, the skies opened and it started pouring rain. I had a jacket, but no hood and I immediately got soaked. The hotel was easy to find and I walked in, expecting to have a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, the hotel clerk said: Sorry, we are all full, so we moved your booking to a place about four blocks away.

I re-entered the rain and walked the additional four blocks. The new hotel, the Hotel Residence Romance Malesherbes was not bad. It was not the same quality as the one I booked, and it was a bit farther from the metro than I asked for. I'm disappointed in for not letting me know about the change, and I'm not sure that I really got my money's worth.

On more positive news, I ate at a wonderful indian meat restaurant called "Darjeeling". Its strictly kosher, but my advisor who is wise to the ways of non-kosher ethnic food, said that it was very good. I highly recommend eating there if you are in Paris. Good decor, reasonable prices and great food.

Its nice to be back and just in time for the holidays.
Shana Tova,


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