School's in

Elementary, middle school and high school started this week. Universities start the middle of October, after the holidays. Its nice to have everyone back to a schedule. My ADD child is back on his medications and its a major difference. He is quieter, but he also gets things done! He is very smart, but the ADD makes it very hard for him to focus on anything for more than a minute or so. With his meds, he works quickly and finished the homework in record time. Without the meds, he also finishes the homework in record time, but its record slow, not fast.

Our army boy has a free weekend. We haven't seen him for about four weeks, so we were looking forward to some face time. Unfortunately for us, he wants to spend the weekend at his Yeshiva studying. He went to Eli, and they have an amazing connection with their students. I'm happy to support him and to lend him my car to get there and back...

Only one meal at home this shabbat because there is a major bar-mitzva luncheon tomorrow. Our whole family is invited and we are psyched! Tonight, we have a smallish crowd of 9. My wife is back on the Atkin's Low Carb diet, so my meals will have dishes that are appropriate. Its not a big difference for me, but it means no flouring meat before browning, and no thickening sauces with flour.

Dinner - 9
Braised Pargiot in a red wine sauce
Stir Fried Turkey breast and vegetables
Garlic Green Beans


Melissa said…
Sounds like a busy time. Baruch Hashem!

Shabbat Shalom!


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