Summer Book Project is complete

For the past three summers, we have run a cooperative fiction project. Functionally, each participant writes the first chapter of a book. Then the books are randomly sent to other writers for chapter 2, and so on until the book is finished. We use 8 chapters and allow one week per chapter. Writers never see the results of their first chapter until the book is complete.

The project started as an educational effort for our kids. We have 10 writers the first year, twenty the second year and twenty three this year. The writers ranged from 11 years old to 72. This year also saw the introduction of a web site You can read all the books from this year and last year under the "Browse Books" link at the site.

I you are a teacher who might be interested in using this tool, please contact me. I would love to turn this into an educational resource for middle-school through college. The site is scalable and you only need to ask me to open a new project. We have one project currently ongoing with a bunch of students from Bar-Ilan University. They are doing it for fun!

Read and Writing are Fundamental,


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