What's a good title?

I'm better. Last week, I had the flu (or a cold) and this week, I recovered from the flu. While I was sick, I felt down and depressed. As I recovered, I felt my spirits soaring. Its good to be healthy. My wife suggested that I take a yoga class. I enjoy yoga, particularly the stretches and the slow, steady pace. I've tried Hatha Yoga, but my new class is based on Ashtanga Yoga. Its different, but still fun. I have learned that I am not very flexible. Yoga helps me to stretch and its really good for finding your center and relaxing. I am hoping to be able to continue on a weekly basis. Exercise is good for you.

I found a very interesting online comic today. Its called Hereville: How Mirka got her sword. The subtitle is: Yet another Troll-fighting 11 year old orthodox jewish girl comic. I purchased the paper book, because I think it would be very cool to have on our coffee table.

Have a great shabbat!

Dinner - 7
Beef Taco's and Green Salad

Lunch - 14
Corned Beef
Cajun Chicken
Roast Potatoes
Israeli Salad

Cajun Chicken Dry Rub
1.5 Tbsp paprika
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp onion powder
1.5 tsp garlic powder
1.5 tsp cayenne pepper
.5 tsp ground white pepper
.5 tsp ground black pepper
.5 tsp thyme
.5 tsp oregano

I use a mortar and pestle to grind it all up as fine as possible. Most of the time, that's pretty course, so don't go overboard. Then I use a spice shaker with the largest opening to spread the rub over the chicken. Turn the chicken over and do the other size. Let sit for up to an hour and then fry in a very hot pan.


Melissa said…
So glad that you are recovering from the flu.

Yoga is something that I keep thinking would be fun to try. Probably very relaxing.

Continue to heal.

mo said…
Where do you get onion and garlic powder in Israel>

Elliot Jaffe said…
I get onion powder and granulated garlic at the local spice store: Shum Pilpel and Shemen Zayit in Shilat. Most spice stores carry garlic and some carry onion.

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