Bar Mitzvah - Sukkot weekend

My son turned 13 today. He is smart, excited and nervous. In his honor, we are having an open house at our sukkah tonight. We have been working all day to prepare the sukkah, the refreshments, and his speech. All is ready, and we are beat. Just enough time to shower and decompress before that start of the holiday. We are eating at friends tonight, so its going to be an easy beginning.

Our local high school has a fund raiser where people donate food items, and then we all bid on those items. I donated 10 servings of my Cajun Chicken, and my son Asaf donated his garlic green beans. We bid and won many items this year, so I don't need to cook for tomorrow's lunch. The menu items are all by local cooks, and I'm very much looking forward to sampling their wares.

We have my sister's niece over for the holiday, and three other young ladies. All four are studying in Israel for year and we look forward to hearing about their schools and experiences.

We have a standing invitation for guests on the first day of Sukkot. Our friends have come over for most if not all of the past 10 years. It will be nice to spend time with them and our neighbors this weekend!

Shabbat Sukkot
Lunch - 17
Cajun Chicken
Deli Roll
Salami and Rice
Garlic Green Beans
Green Salad


gromp said…
The Cajun Chicken was excellent!
Elliot Jaffe said…
Thanks, its one of my standards.

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