Nobel Peace Prize?

President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Price for 2009.  I am totally blown away.

I cannot think of anyone less qualified to win this prize.  Obama has completed nothing.  He has talked appeasement with enemies of the United States.  He has allowed North Korea and Iran to build and test nuclear weapons.  He has destroyed a long relationship with Israel in return for nothing.  The middle east arab countries have made no gestures to peace.  They don't need to because Obama is handing them everything they want without any reciprocity.

So why did he receive the Nobel Prize?

Because Obama represents the European philosophy.  Israel is the enemy, Arabs are peace loving members of the world community.  All we want to do is live in peace and harmony with the world.

Even assuming that Obama is correct in his approach (and history suggests otherwise), giving him the prize only 9 months into his term is silly.  I thought prizes were awarded for results.  There are no results.  The US is still in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There is no peace in the middle east.  The United States is still reeling from the financial crisis.

So why give it to him now?

Maybe because there was no-one else on the list.  Peace is a result, not a process.


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