Its raining in Israel!!! We are experiencing our first good rain storm of the year. Yesterday, I was sitting outside the bank (underneath an overhang) with my father in law. We were watching the rain and the people. Everyone had a smile on their face. I recall in the US that rain was something that interfered with your plans. Here, its something we need desperately. When it arrives, my children go out and play in the rain. One of my children spent the morning walking around the house saying "Its raining outside!", over and over again.

Rain is wonderful and we do need it. Try living in a desert country for a while. You get a very different appreciation for sun and rain.

This weekend, we have a few nice events. My father in law arrived a few weeks ago, and this will be his last weekend with us before he returns home. It has been very nice to visit and spend time with him. We visited the market in Machane Yehuda yesterday and got beautiful red tomatoes and fresh green beans. We will definitely be serving them tomorrow.

Our good friends are celebrating a bar-mitzva of their youngest child. We were invited out to eat dinner with them.

Finally, we have two young ladies staying with us. I'll have to let you know after shabbat where they are from, because with two and a half hours to go before shabbat, they have not yet arrived.

Given that its raining and cooler than usual, I'm making good winter food.

Shabbat Lech Lecha
Lunch - 10
Tomato Beef soup in a crock pot
Chicken Breast Jeera
Indian Rice
Roast Chicken with peppers and onions
Roast potatoes
Shaved Fennel Salad
Garlic Green Beans
Israeli Salad


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