Shmini Atzeret

Its the last holiday of the season, the eighth day of Sukkot. We've been vacationing all week and now its time to finish the holiday's with a bang. We begin with a night of dancing at the shul. I'm getting older and my patience is not what it used to be. There are seven rounds of dancing. I usually make it through the first three. Then its home for a quiet meal.

Because of the length of the services, we start the morning prayers at 6am. Even so, we don't finish until about 10-10:30am. While the evening dancing can go 10-15 minutes per round, our morning minyan has a tradition to do one only complete circle per round. It takes about 3-5 minutes per round. The later minyan which starts at 8am will not finish until after noon.

We have good friends coming over for lunch. Meir is good cook, but tomorrow we are going to simple. He's bringing hamburgers. I'll make a few chickens and the meal is good to go.

Have a happy holiday.
Elliot and Leiah

Dinner - 7
Talia's Meat Soup (won at last week's auction and delivered fresh this week)
Whole Roast Chicken

Lunch - 17
Chicken parts
Green Salad
Israeli Salad


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