Post Thanksgiving

The hall, just before opening

Carving staff: taking apart the birds before service

Photos courtesy of B. Gilor

We celebrate our anniversary on Thanksgiving. Its a rather large affair, with about 350 of our friends. We have been having this party for many years, learning from year to year and adjusting as we go. Last night was one of our nicest events. The decorations were wonderful, the food delicious and the company divine.

As usual, the big hit was our sweet chili. Here is a link to the recipe that we posted last year. Same recipe, just a bigger quantity. We made wonderful stuffings this year. The list included:

  1. Traditional mushroom, onion and celery
  2. Dark bread with garlic and dried tomatoes
  3. Jalapeno and hot sausage
  4. Pesto and black olives
  5. Creamed corn with soy milk
  6. Apples and raisins
  7. Shredded carrots and onions

The first five were cooked in the birds. They were soft and rich. The last two were done separately in the oven. The crowd certainly voted with their plates, leaving much of the apples and carrot dishes as left-overs. Remember for next year!

I tried brining a turkey this year. I used one cup of salt, one cup of brown sugar, and 2 tbsp thyme to one gallon of water. Soak the bird for 12 hours and then cook as usual. I could not tell the difference. Next year, we will have to do a more careful scientific study. Perhaps three and three.


Arica said…
Thanks again for another wonderful evening! Happy Anniversary and many more!
Michal said…
We had a wonderful time. Thank you for having us and the sweet chili was incredible. I'm going to try it this week.
Happy Anniversary.
Michal and Dov

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