Relaxing Weekend (yes)

After the Thanksgiving holiday, we need a break.   Fortunately, we have left-overs.  Tonight, we have the G families over for dinner.  These two families are probably among our closest friends.  That is a good thing since we will indeed be having leftovers.

We also have a niece and her friend staying with us.  Tonight's dinner will be 21 people.  Just a small gathering!  Tomorrow, we are going out for lunch, so we will get the break that we need.

Because things were too boring, I decided to get immunized for the winter flu and the swine flu today.  One shot in each arm.  Hopefully, I will not feel any side-effects.  After three hours, I'm fine.  I think it is important to get these inoculations, because the alternatives are worse.  I really don't enjoy having the flu.  It knocks me out for about a week.  I am hoping that the flu shots can keep me healthy, or minimally, reduce the impact if and when I do contract one of these illnesses.

On the cooking side, pretty plain food.  We have a two vegetarians, a gluten and sugar free eater, and a bunch of omnivores.  Good thing we have lots of alternatives.

Shabbat Parshat Vayeitzei
Dinner - 21
Mushroom barley soup (with turkey stock)
Parve Broccoli soup
Sweet Chili
Corned Beef
Stuffing (a bit of everything)
Zucchini in tomato sauce
Sesame noodles
Israeli Salad
Cabbage Salad


ilanadavita said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog about the swine flu vaccine. I don't buy the conspiration issue either.
Melissa said…

I love the new look of your blog.

Looks great.


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