My family woke up today in a bad mood.  Nothing serious, just not the usual patient, cooperative people I usually see in the morning.  My wife says that its the weather.  It has been overcast all day and is now drizzling.  When there is insufficient sunlight, people tend to be less happy and more depressed.

This week we got the news that my son in the army was asked to find a new unit.  We are very proud that he made it as far as he did, but now he needs to look for something new.  Just another bump in the road of life.  On the plus side, we love having him home until he is relocated.  His fiancee is equally happy to have him around.

For some reason, we don't have guests from the seminaries and yeshivot this weekend.  We invited over a family from the community for lunch.  We look forward to a quiet weekend.

With the onset of winter, I'm trying a new soup: Ginger Chicken soup.  The chinese believe that this soup is a cure-all for colds and flues.    It certainly smells good and it so light that I would try it if I had a sore throat (which I do not, thank god).

Shabbat Parshat Chayei Sarah
Dinner  - 9
Ginger chicken soup with couscous
Chinese meat balls (based loosely on this recipe)
Stir fried chicken

Lunch - 15
Kol Dulce Con Carne (beef and cabbage)
Garam Masala Pargiot (dry rub and sauteed)
Naked Shnitzel (no bread crumbs)
Mashed potatoes
Stir fried zucchini
Cole Slaw


Lirit said…
What a great post! It somehow managed to fill me with the quiet of winter in just a few lines. Are the numbers listed next to each meal the number of guests? What a wonderful blog!
Elliot Jaffe said…
The number next to each meal are the number people at that meal, including my family. Since my children occasionally go elsewhere I need to keep track of their attendance as well as the number of guests.

Thanks for reading!

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