An interesting Shabbat

Lots of unusual things happening this shabbat.  First, one of our good friends has been on vacation with their family for the past three weeks.  They should have arrived back home on Monday, but because of the snow storm in the US, their flight was cancelled and the first available flight back arrived today, friday afternoon!  They will be eating with us tonight (assuming that they can stay awake) and at a friends tomorrow for lunch.  I talked to them just before shabbat and they sound pretty wiped out.

This weekend at shul, there is an "event".  The shul has brought in a professional chazan and choir.  I am personally totally opposed to chazanut in prayers because I believe makes prayers into a broadway show.  I pray to talk to God, not to attend a performance.  Thankfully, the shul is big enough that there will be another minyan without the performance.

One of my fellow students is coming over for dinner tonight and to play Settlers of Catan.  Its unusual to mix school and home, but every so often, I think its helpful to share our home life with colleagues.

Finally, we were invited out to lunch this week, so my cooking duties were only for friday night.  Here is the menu:

Shabbat Parshat Vayigash
Dinner - 18
Vegetable soup (with a turkey stock base)
Beef Burgundy (my wife appreciates consistency, so we have it almost every weekend)
Red curry chicken and vegetables
Sweet Chili (see thanksgiving)
Cajun roast vegetables (use my cajun dry rub on vegetables and then roast in an oven)
Quick Kimchi
(Green salad is we feel up to it)


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