Transplants in the news

I saw an interesting article this week about a 47 year old father in Israel who donated a kidney and part of his liver to his 19 year old son.  The transplants occurred over a period of six months, first the liver and then the kidney, six months later.  The articles claim that this type of double transplant is extremely rare, probably because they are from a live donor.

What I found most interesting that the articles got a significant amount of press in the ultra-orthodox community.  In fact, I first found the article at Etrog News.  It was picked up by Yeshiva World news and then by the Jerusalem Post and other mainstream papers.  I suspect that the father in this story is ultra-orthodox, but there is no mention of his background in any of the articles.

First, the ultra-orthodox condone and encourage live organ donors, so this is indeed a positive act.  Those same organizations are opposed to organ donations from cadavers because of a concern that doctors will take them from a person who is not actually dead.

I'm happy for the positive press, and I hope that these articles will increase the awareness of organ donations within those communities.


Melissa said…
I am glad for the positive press as well. Education is the best way to reach people.

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