I occasionally suffer from migraines. Fortunately, as I get older, they are less frequent and for some reason, less painful. Perhaps it is just that I can predict their onset and cut them off before they get too strong.

An article in the Boston Globe references new research on the causes of migraines. Light has always been a trigger for my headaches, and for those who know me it is why I wear wrap-around sunglasses whenever I am outdoors.

In the Boston Globe report, Rami Burstein of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center studies the effects of light and migraines on blind people. Patients who had no optic nerve were unaffected by light, but those who were blind, but could still register light reported increased pain during their migraines.

I'm hoping that this study identifies the way that light triggers migraines. Perhaps someday, I will not need to be so careful with full sunlight.



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