A Regular Shabbat! (Finally)

Since the week before Thanksgiving, we have had non-regular shabbatot.  Sometimes because my wife was running an event, sometimes because we were under the weather, and sometimes because we were invited out.  I enjoy going to other peoples houses for meals, but it means that we cannot have sleep-over guests at our house.

So, this is a regular shabbat.  No events, no meals out, only one person slightly ill, and four sleep-over guests. We have two gentlemen from Torat Moshe and two women from Shalavim.   We have one extra guest this evening, who had a grandchild today at 9am.  She pulled an all-nighter, so I'm not sure how awake/aware she is going to be at dinner.

There is a Sheva Bracha meal this shabbat to which we are not invited.  The hosts asks if I would make a corned beef, and of course I agreed.  To my usually excellent corned beef, I make a glaze of brown sugar, powered ginger, dried mustard and soy sauce.  Too bad I had to sent it away, it looked wonderful!

So, for this shabbat, I made comfort food.  My wife and I agreed that we are actually a meat and potatoes family.   More exactly, we are a protein and starch family.  No problems there, something for everyone.

Shabbat Parshat V'Yechi
Dinner - 12
Oriental Kohlrabi soup
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Plain naked shnitzel
Brussels Sprouts
Garlic Green Beens
Pastries for dessert

Lunch - 12
Roast Chicken
Kol Dulce Con Carne (beef and cabbage)
Mashed Potatoes
Pepper and Onion Confit
Israeli Salad
Strawberries for dessert


Melissa said…
There is a lot to be said for comfort food.
Anonymous said…
i made it thru the meal without crashing... thanks to all the yummy food. very EXCELLENT!
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