Someone needs a break (not us)

Its a wonderful day outside. Sunny, in the mid seventies (low 20's).    This week was interesting.  My boys are growing up and moving to their own rhythms.   One son went to visit a yeshiva on Monday evening.  He got back on Friday.  It is very nice to know that they can take care of themselves!   Two boys went on school trips and came back exhausted but happy.  My army son is on extended leave of absence and will now be looking for a temporary job until school starts this fall.  Oh, and we got report cards.  Some good, others less good.  To each his own.

This weekend, we were invited out once again for a meal.  This time it is dinner.  No problem, we over compensated by inviting friends for lunch.    One family is preparing for a Bar-mitzva next weekend and they are totally stressed out.  Another just got over a back food allergy.  The third family is just fine and is coming to keep us company!  All told, 22 people.  Nothing like a small meal.

I ordered new board games this week.   They will not be here until the end of February, but we are looking forward to learning new games and expanding our brains.  All of these games won awards in the past five years.  They are all "EuroGames", which means that they are strategy games where players are involved even if it is not their "turn".   The games I order are:
Agricola: Build a farm
Dominion: Build a kingdom
Galaxy Trucker: Everyone builds space trucks and then works together to complete missions

Here are some best of the decade reviews: The thinking gamer, Dane101, Algorithmancy.

A friend came over last Shabbat morning and said: "Now I understand what happens at the Jaffe's on Shabbat morning.  People come over and turn on their brains!".  I am so proud.

Shabbat Parshat VaEyra
Lunch - 22
Grilled Chicken
Corned Beef
Red Cooked Chicken Salad (chinese)
Lemon boneless chicken thighs cucumber salad
Plain rice
Israeli salad
Eggplants and peppers (indian)
Zucchini and mushrooms (stir fried)
Chickpeas and ginger


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