What a week

Busy busy week, full of events.  Last shabbat had a bar-mitzva.  Sunday night had a bat-mitzva.  Monday night had a bar-mitzva.  Wednesday night had a bat-mitzva.  This morning (Friday) saw a funeral.  This weekend is Tu-B'shvat, and we are going to visit my sister.

So many events, mostly happy, with a bit of sadness towards the end.  The funeral was for our friend Shlomo Ron (may he rest in peace).  Shlomo had a Phd in physics and worked as a computer programmer.  A few years ago, he had a stroke and has been less than fully functional since.  This week, he had another stroke and passed away.  For him and his family this is a blessing.  For all those concerned, we will remember him as a dedicated individual who was a fixture in the community and an example for us all.  May his memory serve as an example and blessing to us all.

No cooking this week, and I know that I will need to cook something complicated next week.  Cooking is therapy for me and when I don't do it on a regular basis, I get lost.  I love the physicality of cooking, the senses of touch, taste and smell are fully involved.  In my normal line of work, I sit in front of a computer or lecture hall and type or talk.  It is good that I can focus in such an environment, but I do miss the physical sensations.  Cooking is life and you get to feel good when people enjoy your food.  Sustenance and pleasure on the same plate.

Next week should be quieter, but we are now in the final stages of planning for my son's wedding.  It is the quiet before the storm, and before we know it the house will be rocking and we will be moving at warp speed.  (what fun!)

Our moto was borrowed from National Geographic:  Dream it, Plan it, Do it.  All the phases are important and bring satisfaction.  He we go....


Melissa said…

Thank you so much for your wise words. They are very helpful. I can see that changing my name will not be the easiest process, but something that I will accomplish with time.

Have a great week.


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