Pre-Wedding festivities

My oldest is getting married on Monday!  We are very happy and deep into the execution phase of this event.  We believe strongly in the National Geographic motto: "Dream It, Plan It, Do It".  We have passed the planning phase and are now in the "do it" phase.  Most of the preparations are in place.  Family is arriving from across the globe (so far, my mother-in-law, my parents and my brother).  Friends are stopping by.  Presents for the new couple are mysteriously arriving on our doorstep.  Excitement is in the air!

Our tradition is to have a men's event for the groom the weekend before the wedding.  This is sometimes called an Ufruf (OoffRoof).  My son invited a number of his friends to stay the weekend.   My wife and her mother are going to stay at a friends house so that the testosterone can flow freely at our house.  No females allowed (at least for meals).

For lunch, some friends from the community are also eating with us.  Their wives will be spending time with my wife while we party.

Meal wise, Its manly food.  Very few vegetables, lots of meat and starch.  I went to the meat store and saw prepared Kubeh (dumplings with meat filling).  I took a package to the counter and the owner asked me if I was going to use it for soup.  I explained that I was and he took my select back and got a different kind of Kubeh.  This one is called Kubeh Yerushalmi.  I made a chamusta soup with spinach and lots of garlic.  It looks good, but I'm sure that most of my boys will not touch it.  Too many leaves.

Shabbat Parshat Bshalach
Dinner - 16
Chamusta Kubeh Soup
Turkey Pot Pie
Roast Garlic Chicken
Sweet Chili
Oriental Rice (by Mark R.)
Garlic Green Beans
Israeli Salad

Lunch - 20
Prepared Shnitzel
Tas Kebab (beef and rice casserole)
Schezwan Chicken
Brussel's Sprouts
Israeli Salad


SuperRaizy said…
Mazal Tov on the upcoming wedding. So glad to hear that your family is experiencing happy events now!
Anonymous said…
Mazal Tov to the Mishpacha. We are trapped here in winter Galut with another snowstorm coming in. But our hearts are with you and all our family. Mazal Tov and Shabbat Shalom.

Hasya Ya'ara said…
Mazal Tov and may you all have many more Simchas.

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