Pesach 5770 (2010) -- First day

First, the guests.  This year, we will have 16 people at our seder.  Our immediate family, our newly married son and daughter-in-law, my parents, and a family of four friends from the community.

Our original plan was to have my sister and her family with us, but we found out last week that three of their children have the mumps.  We are very sorry that they will not be joining us and hope to spend many happy pesach seders with them in years to come.

Thankfully, this blog has proven its worth.  My menus for the past two years are online here and here.  And so without further ado, here are our plans for this year!

Seder Plate:
Shank Bones
Roasted Eggs

Dinner: 16
Egg and/or Potato with Salt Water
Beef Stew w/ Red Wine
Chicken Breast Meatballs with Garlic
Roast Cherry Tomatoes
Mashed potatoes
Green Salad w/ Vegetables
Ice cream (Parve)

Lunch: 13
Tomato soup
Corned Beef
Grilled Chicken
Broccoli Kugel
Israeli Salad
Matzo Farfel


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