The pesach before pesach

We are already kosher for pesach in our house, all except a small area in our laundry room.  That means that all cooking from now until the end of pesach will be kosher for pesach.  On the one hand, its a pain because we need to take out our pesach dishes, pots, pans and utensils.  On the other hand, I usually cook at least one or two low-carb foods per meal, and hence not cooking with flour is no big deal.

We started the weekend run-up with some bad news.  My sister's children have the mumps and hence will not be with us for the seder.  Major bummer.  Our seder count dropped from 22 to 16.   We will very much miss their presence.

Next, we realized that we had no guests for this shabbat.  Our meals were scheduled for 7 and 9 people respectively.  Way to small.  I don't know how to cook for seven.  God help me when our kids leave and I need to cook for two. I mean one chicken for a whole meal?  No way!

Fortunately, we have good friends and one of them is coming over for lunch.  Did I mention that they have four guests from the states, so that they are 10.  With our 9, we are a respectable 19.

Our menu for this weekend is simple, but full of garlic (see my previous post).

Dinner - 7
Garlic soup
Stewed Rolled Beef
Rice (kosher for passover, but kitnyot, so we eat it before, but not during passover)

Lunch - 19
Rice noodles (Kitnyot)
Stir fried Chicken, Onions and hot peppers
Beef and Cabbage casserole
Stir fried Zucchini and Peppers
Baked Rattatoui
Israeli Salad


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