Quiet weekend (the calm after the storm)

All is well and we are returning to our regular scheduled programs. One family is eating with us for friday night dinner and we are alone (my God!) for lunch. I'm looking forward to the rest and relaxation that shabbat gives us. I'm also looking forward to playing the new board games that we now have (Galaxy trucker, Agricola and Dominion).

On the food side, we are cooking sides for a friend of ours who is bed ridden. Somehow she torn a muscle in her leg and is now bed ridden for a few weeks. Her friends have arranged for meals to be delivered for shabbat.

Dinner - 13
Garlic Chicken Vegetable soup
Roast Chicken

Lunch - 7 (how do you cook for only 7?)
Prepared Shnitzel
Left-over sides
Green Salad


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