One Year ago a miracle occurred

Its been one year since my son's transplant.  With thanks to God and all of his creations, he is healthy and well.  The donor seems to have suffered no ill effects.  It is hard to explain how pleased we are to have our son with us and healthy.  Those of you who have read some of my other posts know how hard it is to find a kidney, either from a live donor or a cadaver.   We are truly blessed that our friends cared about our son so much that we have not one but 7 potential donors.  The people we talked to in the medical profession cannot believe it.  For us, it is part of living in this wonderful community.  We take the concern and giving of our neighbors for granted sometimes.  It is events like this that expose the strength and depth of this community.

May we be honored to continue helping and caring for many good years to come.

This weekend, we will be having three events to celebrate this wonderful event.  Tonight, we are hosting the donor and her family for dinner.  Tomorrow, we are having a kiddush for our friends and neighbors.  If you happen to be awake at 8:30 on a shabbat morning, stop on by and say thanks!  Finally, tomorrow night is Lag B'Omer, when children light bonfires across the country.  Most also cook hotdogs and marshmallows.  After all, you have to do something with the fire!  We are having a Pot-Luck BBQ.  Our friends generosity knows no bounds and everyone will contribute something.

Please consider helping a friend this week.  Like love, it is not a zero-sum game.  The more you love (or help), the more you receive.


Dov said…
B'H! She'ya'aleh mi'chayil le'chayil!

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